I am biplob kumer pal from bangladesh. I have completed my graduation and post graduation from Islamic University Kushtia. Right now i am working as an assistant teacher in a high school. My subject was applied chemistry and chemical engineering. The subject has so many branches and a lot to learn. Through all these years i have tried to acquire drop of these knowledge and still want to learn. Mostly i teach my students science.


The subject contains organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, quantum mechanics, industrial chemistry, industrial management, polymer, analytical chemistry, and others. So this subject can enrich our knowledge with lot of stuff. My personal favorite is analytical chemistry. The instruments are used in analytical chemistry like the UV spectrometer, HPLC , GCMS, ICPOES, ICPMS, pH meter, NMR, FTIR , SEM, TEM etc. I have great interest in their operation system. I have knowledge about how they work and it is really fascinating.

IT Knowledge

I have interests in computer learning so i learned about MS office applications, website related things, social media, video making, image editing etc. 


In laboratory i mostly ran the ICPOES. It was my main job to operate this machine and create reports for the sample. My other responsibilities were to analyse the sample , UV spectrometer, pH meter, MARS, breakdown, data entry, laboratory information management.

In recent times i am working as a teacher (science) in a high school. The students of rural area are meritorious and smart. So they just need  guide and motivation. I am working on that part. 


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