Foy’s Lake is an artificial lake located in the Pahartoli area of Chittagong . It was dug under the supervision of the Assam Bengal Railway Authority in 1924, and at that time it was known as Pahartali Lake. Later, the English railway engineer Foy named Faiz Lake was named after him.

The rides of foy’s lake were amazing. As we all were so overwhelmed with joy with all those rides. The scariest one was the dragon ride. It was so scary to some of my friends. I never did that before so i was little bit scared too. But i was shocked watching two of my friends sazal and jahangir’s terrible and scary situation. Well rest of us were enjoying the moment. It was really funny.

The boat ride was interesting . As we were having lot of photos and sight seeing. The hill area and the lake both sight combined made the scenery and the environment perfect. We all were really happy and touched. Our teachers were with us and they were really friendly and loving. 

Potenga sea beach

The sea beach is 14 kilometer south of chittagong city. The areas are filled with big rocks.  There are rocks underneath the water also. People of all ages visit here and this place remain crowded always. I along with my best friends had a lot of fun. We even tried swim competition in that zone. 

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