One of the best experience

The world’s largest beach is about 120 kilometers long in our country’s Cox’s Bazar. It is not possible to understand the insight if the sea is not visible from the front. Naturally we have seen the sea on television, but seeing in real is completely different experience. Its unstoppable roaring wave continues uninterrupted, in which a deep feeling is hidden. It is actually a place where people would think that they were born again. To the vastness of the sea, all the arrogance is insignificant.

This was really one of my best tours with my beloved friends and honorable teachers. I always miss this tour. My friends all are really close to me and i love them very much. 


Himchori is not so far from coxbazar. The place has a mesmerized view. One side has high hill tracks the other side is the bay of bengal. I love this place. There is also a waterfall close to the place. Many steps to be crossed to be on the top of this hill. Yeah you got drinks break with coconut. There are many boys who live there life by selling coconut over here. You must have good body condition to walk on the hill.

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